Unlock your dream home with the talent and expertise of Arrowhead Construction, Denver’s own providers of premier home renovation and home remodeling services. After over 20 years in the home improvement and renovation industries, we offer decades of extensive experience and professional skill to help bring your wildest home dreams and housing projects to life. Our passion is quality construction at affordable prices; our home remodeling contractors are licensed experts, and are, above all, committed to working closely with our clients to ensure every project is completed at the highest quality, all while staying within your personal budget. We are passionate about being your top choice bathroom remodel contractor and kitchen remodel company.

At Arrowhead Construction, our goal is to create a space for you that exceeds all of your expectations. With years of experience and a passion for the art of home construction, we are a house renovation contractor willing to tackle any job, no matter the scope or complexity. Our dedication to our clients is what sets us apart; more than a customer, you are considered our valued partner throughout the process, with your opinions central to any home remodel. Learn more about our numerous home remodeling services and discover what makes us the best choice home renovation company near you.


At Arrowhead Construction, our professional residential building contractors are proud to offer a comprehensive range of specialized services to help you design the home of your dreams. Explore our assortment of home renovation services available to residents of Denver and its surrounding cities and counties, and find a home renovation service that best suits your needs.

Window Installation and Replacement

Arrowhead Construction offers home window installation services in Denver, alongside window replacement and repair. Whether you’re looking to maximize the energy efficiency of your house or simply rejuvenate your homes look, we offer a wide variety of top-of-the-line window products, allowing us the ability to work with budgets of every size while never compromising quality. Our residential window installation process is carried out by our trusted team of licensed professionals, always ensuring the job is done right.

Kitchen Remodeling

For many of us, our kitchens are the very heart of our homes. Creating a space that is not only beautiful but also functional is of utmost importance. If you are in need of a complete kitchen makeover, then Arrowhead Construction is your destination for top quality kitchen remodeling services in Denver. Compared to other kitchen remodel companies, our comprehensive kitchen renovation services include countertops, light fixtures, custom cabinets, kitchen islands, and so much more. Craving a total kitchen redesign? Our remodelers are committed to providing the best kitchen design for you and your unique needs, so your input is essential to our kitchen renovation services and remodeling process.

Bathroom Remodeling

Are you looking for a local bath remodeling contractor who understands that creating a beautiful bathroom space that promotes peace and tranquility is essential to fostering that at-home spa feeling? At Arrowhead Construction, we stand out from other bathroom remodel companies. Our bathroom remodel contractors are skilled professionals with years of industry experience, and can help you bring the bathroom of your dreams to life. Your creative freedom does not have to be limited when planning a bathroom makeover on a budget. From tiling, whirlpool tubs, multi-stream showers, to countertops, your personalization choices are endless. Choose us as your bathroom remodeling company for premiere bathroom remodeling services in Denver and enjoy the bath remodel of your dreams. Our bathroom renovation contractors are ready to help.

Basement Remodeling

Has your basement turned into a glorified storage unit? Is it sitting empty, a space you never really get to enjoy? Let Arrowhead Construction’s basement remodeling services in Denver show you your basement’s full potential and breathe new life into this space. Our experts can help with your basement restoration projects, offering basement remodeling ideas such as the creation of your perfect home office, home gym, or home theater. Take full advantage of your basement space by converting it into something you will actually use and love.

Decks & Patios

At Arrowhead Construction, we believe that backyard decks and patios are a luxury that should be enjoyed by all. We are experienced deck and patio builders, and are ready to make your backyard oasis dreams come to life. We provide high quality renovations, and even those building patios and deck on a budget can enjoy our topnotch services. We specialize in composite decking as well as all types of railings and fences, and you’ll have the choice between a number of finish materials and railing styles to customize your design, including picket, 2-1-2, iron metal railing, sunburst, copper, and more. Our decks and patios are built to last using reliable materials and construction techniques that can withstand wear and tear. Your dream outdoor sanctuary is waiting to be enjoyed with the help of the best remodeling company in Denver.

Roofing and Siding

At Arrowhead Construction, we are roof and siding experts. Our roofing and siding contractors offer roof removal and replacement, new shingles, storm drain repair, and more, along with durable home siding options for all styles and tastes: vinyl, cedar, metal, and more. Adequate protection and insulation of your home is crucial, and should never be overlooked when embarking on a home remodeling journey. As an experienced home renovation contractor, our professional installation process eliminates the risk of leaks and drafts, increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Residents of Colorado can trust in the highest quality roofing and siding services in Denver from Arrowhead Construction, the best remodelers in the area.


Why Choose Arrowhead Construction for Residential Construction?

To make your dream home a reality, you need a trusted team of residential building contractors that really know what they’re doing. At Arrowhead Construction, our home renovation experts boast years of extensive experience in the trade, with countless positive testimonials, and are committed to providing our valued clients with the highest quality of work while making the entire experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. We are an experienced residential remodeling company.

We offer the best remodeling services available, including roofing, siding, kitchen, bathroom, basement, deck, patio, and windows. Our team of renovation contractors is prepared to help you tackle any home project you’ve had your heart set on, no matter the complexity. Our dedication to top quality construction within your budget is what sets us apart: you never have to worry about a job half done with us as your home remodeler.

At Arrowhead Construction, the greatest goal of our licensed home renovation contractors is to ensure that you are as much of a part of your home remodeling journey as we are. We want to create a home for you that you and your family will enjoy and live happily in for years to come, and we take great pleasure in helping you to come up with a plan that will bring the home of your dreams to life with the best home renovations around. Residents of Denver Metropolitan and all surrounding cities and counties can put their faith in the services of Arrowhead Construction for all house renovation and remodeling needs.


 We serve clients throughout Denver Metropolitan and all surrounding cities and counties. Providing building, renovation, and remodeling services that reflect our passion for detail and quality. In addition, we have extensive experience with construction projects. At Arrowhead Construction, we partner with you every step of the way to create your perfect home or office space.